BIM: “You have to be ready to have the capability in-house when the call comes”

Logo Credit: Mabey Hire
Logo Credit: Mabey Hire

Groundwork and formwork systems specialists Mabey Hire have discussed their “assiduous amount of research” carried out to ensure that they are providing the Building Information Modelling content that their contractor and engineering clientele are looking for.

Discussing BIM adoption for temporary works with New Civil Engineer, the company feel that this area of the industry has been overlooked, with more focus needed to ensure that experts in temporary works solutions are schooled and understand the benefits BIM can bring.

“When the industry talks about BIM, the real focus is often on permanent works,” explained Billy McCormick, Mabey Hire’s Sales Engineer. “But it is beginning to filter down to temporary works suppliers. We’ve seen it coming our way and you have to be ready to have the capability in-house when the call comes.”

Mabey noticed that many of their contracting partners were beginning to send out BIM maturity surveys, meaning they knew that there was a demand to become BIM enabled, that could in-turn drive more business their way. McCormick elaborated: “Big contractors like Skanska and Laing O’Rourke were asking us where we were with BIM, which really got us moving.

“To begin with, there was a lot of engagement with major contractors – surveys, phone calls and meetings – to see what kind of software they were using. We weren’t sure which route to go down, so the early networking events such as BIM Show Live really helped us to make good contacts with software vendors, training companies and people such as our eventual content partner BIM.Technologies.”

Once they had realised the type of content they needed to specify, they needed to create it. The Level of Detail (LoD) of the BIM objects was a big discussion for the company, one which McCormick touched upon more:

“There was a lot of discussion on the level of detail in the products. We didn’t want our product to look like a bland object on a drawing; it had to look like a Mabey prop. But at the same time, we had to look at the bigger picture.”

To read the rest of the interview – which features insight into standardisation, industry group Mabey have worked with to aid their BIM journey and more, click this link.

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