BIM Brunch: Pete Foster

Credit: Pete Foster
Credit: Pete Foster

BIM Brunch is the perfect accompaniment to your dinner break. Featuring major players from the #GlobalBIMCrew, BIM Brunch is an interview feature where BIM specialists talk about their passion for Building Information Modelling.

Head of Digital Manufacturing Implementation at Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) and B1M Inspirer, Pete Foster is the latest industry expert to sit down with us and divulge some of his favourite things relating to BIM, architecture and construction.

What is your favourite career related website/blog?

I would say Twitter is my main source of career related information, which then directs me to many places! I like the overview that Twitter provides and if people use hashtags in a meaningful manner, its great for staying on top of news/events/updates.

Do you have a favourite industry book, magazine or publication?

@TheB1M Mail and their video resource are excellent sources of information. Definitely the first resource I recommend to anyone seeking information or updates on BIM.

The top industry event you have recently been to is?

BIM Show Live 2015 has been the highlight so far this year. Excellent presentations catering for varying levels of BIM understanding which is quite rare at most events. I am looking forward to the next BIM Show Live for Manufacturers event in June!

Favourite Twitter handles to follow?

In relation to BIM I’m a big advocate of the BIM4 groups who are working together to assist with BIM such as @BIM4M2, @BIM4SME and @BIM4FitOut. With regards to individual accounts I recommend @leeroyb, @cubicle_Craig, @BSuccar, @StewartGH1970 and @djreed67.

I originally joined twitter to follow American Football so shout outs go to @ukpackers (for all your Green Bay Packer updates) and @nfl_uk!

What is your all-time favourite building?

Continuing the American Football theme I’m going to go with a stadium that is still in construction but also has BIM ties and that is the new Atlanta Falcons Stadium. Even as a Packers fan I’d love to see this stadium upon completion.

What is the best thing about the team at Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd)?

Their ability to generate offsite solutions and think out of the box. Often the solutions are developed from a traditional design and the fact the team can deliver a building using a mixture of offsite/onsite while also working to incredibly tight deadlines always impresses me.

What was the first BIM related project you have been a part of and what did you learn from the experience?

Up to date – we have had no BIM project as a request from a client or consultant, we are falling under the ‘LonelyBIM’ category.
We have instead just developed our internal BIM solutions on a continual basis, so every project over the last 12-18 months has had elements of BIM, some more than others. This focus has enabled us to stage implementation and we have learnt and implemented continuous change as this has progressed.

The most exciting possibilities Building Information Modelling can offer are?

I get most excited about how BIM will develop using cloud services and Software as a Service, linking this to wearable and visual tech and how the data will be used. There are excellent innovations being developed that will have amazing impact on how we develop, construct and maintain in the future.

Who or what made you want to work within the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector?

I actually came into this route via a manufacturing background, I went through a traditional draftsman, drawing office manager route in the caravan industry initially and offsite construction was a natural progression.

What is your proudest career highlight?

I’ve had a fair few geeky highlights in my career where some form of software or process development had impact on the business all of which I am proud of, no overall highlight so far though – still to come I hope!

What is the best part about your job?

I get to think and develop solutions for a living! I really enjoy the problem solving, assisting others aspect of my role and seeing the impact this has on the people in the business.

Interviewee Profile:

Pete Foster is the Head of Digital Manufacturing Implementation at Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) and specialises in process and business improvement within offsite construction and manufacturing. He has been actively involved in BIM since 2013. He is attending a part-time MSc BIM Management course at Middlesex University and is a member of the BIM4M2 and MSBF (Manufacturing Strategic BIM Forum) industry groups.

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