Adrem Group teams with Studio Klaschka for 1st ‘BIM For Small Practices’ seminar

Credit: Adrem Group
Credit: Adrem Group

Want to attend a free event looking at how influential Building Information Modelling can be for small practices? If you do, and you’re free tomorrow (May 20th, 2015), then Adrem Group are hosting the right event for you!

The architectural recruitment consultants are hosting the first of several ‘BIM For Small Practices’ breakfast seminars from 08:00 – 09:30 at DreamSpace Gallery, Dufferin Street, London.

Joining them to conduct a presentation on BIM as part of the small practice business model will be Robert Klaschka, renowned BIM figure and Founder of Studio Klaschka. Robert will disprove the misconception that BIM is only for large businesses and provide advice for those starting on their ‘BIM journey’, citing from his own personal experience of running a small company.

Adrem’s Specialist BIM Recruitment Consultant Jason Claxton spoke to us exclusively about the event. He said: “When you think of BIM you often think of large scale construction projects, we want to help change perceptions and give people the opportunity to talk to those smaller practices who have successfully adopted BIM and create an environment where they can get some advice or tips. BIM is for practices of all shapes and sizes.”

To RSVP the event, click here.

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