WATCH: Oasys preview MassMotion Flow, release new BIM Show Live-themed video

Credit: Oasys Software
Credit: Oasys Software

Crowd simulation experts Oasys Software have released a new video showcasing the capabilities of their latest piece of software, MassMotion Flow.

BIM Show Live fans may be aware that Oasys linked their MassMotion platform with a Revit model of the BIM Show Live 2014 venue, Manchester Central. A new Autodesk Revit model of the venue was created by BIM.TechnologiesJill Guthrie for the 2015 event, and a new promotional clip highlights how Oasys’ new MassMotion Flow tool can cooperate with a BIM model and be the perfect method for crowd analysis.

The Revit BIM was then imported this MassMotion Flow using an IFC file and then the automatic conversion routines were utilised to categorise the elements appropriately. Anything that slipped through this net was then converted interactively.

As can be seen in the video clip, a Circulation Event was created to represent a coffee-break. The circulation event created agents over a range of five from the entrance doors and sent them to a series of random exhibition space portals, where they would dwell for a time. Note that in this simulation each stand was given an equal chance of being visited. Also, additional circulation portals could be added to represent informal loitering areas.

Discussing the recently-launched software, Rhys Lewis, Business Development Manager for Oasys stated: “MassMotion Flow can put 3D, BIM-compatible pedestrian flow software on every architect and planner’s desktop.

“Oasys has used MassMotion Flow to create a simulation of the BIM Show Live venue so you can see at a glance how well it reflects what’s happening in the real world around you.”

Oasys Commercial Manager Nigel Rees also commented, stating: “We believe that MassMotion Flow is a tool that every architect, fire engineer and designer will need to meet their customer’s growing expectations for proof of concept with more analysis and easily-understandable visual output.

“Naturally, there is a clear upgrade path to MassMotion and those who find they need more functionality can move from one to the other, easily transferring data between the systems.”

MassMotion Flow is available to purchase now, yet also comes with a 30-day free trial, like all of Oasys’ products. Should you need to ask more questions about Oasys software, the team will be on hand at Stand 67 during both days of BIM Show Live 2015 to demonstrate their fantastic software and answer any queries you may have after having seen their video.

Speaking of that demonstration, the #BSL2015 crowd simulation can be viewed below.

For more information on Oasys’ portfolio of software, click here. Stay tuned to BIMcrunch next week to hear from Oasys Application Specialist Peter Debney in Best BIM Bad BIM.