The NBS Digital BIM Toolkit: Hit or miss?

Credit: NBS
Credit: NBS

In addition to BIM Show Live 2015 taking place last week, one other topic was on everyone’s lips – the release of National Building Specification‘s BIM Toolkit.

NBS and their project partners BDP, BIM Academy, Laing O’Rourke, Microsoft, Mott MacDonald and Newcastle University bested two other conglomerate teams to win the dPoW project following a £50,000 cash injection allowing them to comprise their proposal.

Six months later and the project has been released, meaning the UK Government’s BIM Level 2 suite of documents is now complete. To learn more on how the Toolkit actually works and what it allows you to do, click here.

Whilst BIM Show Live was dominated with positive chat relating to the BIM Toolkit from NBS themselves, are the industry users just as impressed?

What we said: “It is clear to see that the BIM Toolkit developed by NBS will be a fantastic tool to allow every to be on the same page. If everyone is working in a similar fashion, it will much easier to share results for other BIM adopters to learn from. Not to mention, with the upcoming online portal being so easy to use, the most stubborn of Generation X professionals will have no excuse not to give it a try.”

View positive and negative reactions from social media below.

What side of the BIM Toolkit fence do you stand on? What do you think it does well? What improvements would you like to see be made in future revisions?