‘The Guardian’ highlights the “the beauty of BIM”

Credit: The Guardian
Credit: The Guardian

One of the United Kingdom‘s elite newspapers has published an article investigating “the beauty of BIM”.

Following on from their coverage of Spacehus, The Guardian has taken an industry-wide look at Building Information Modelling, speaking with various industry experts as it magnifies the importance of BIM and how it “has transformed the construction of buildings”.

The article reads: “Whether you’re building a hospital or a skyscraper, a bridge or a road, the beauty of BIM is that it allows the user to run computer simulations which help those involved in the project’s evolution understand how the building behaves long before construction begins – a quote backed up by CBRE Building Consultancy Associate Director, Ian Sutton who says that BIM implementation from “cradle to grave [is] nothing short of revolutionary”.

Sutton also explains how BIM works for Guardian readers who may be unsure. He addresses how BIM can be utilised to make a project more sustainable in what we think is a great explanation: “In essence, these new technologies are helping us understand how to put a building together better, provide a better grasp of how that building should perform when built, and later, how it might be taken apart.

“These innovations are also giving us access to automatically calculated design data before a building is physically built, so we can take a more sustainable approach to the construction of buildings, and have a window into how that building will perform when it is occupied.”

Coventry University‘s Elise Smithson also provides comment within the article, and she talks about the institution’s ‘immersive simulation centre’, one of only three in the world that helps showcase the benefits of BIM.

“At Coventry our aim is to get out there and show people that it works and prove to them that there are benefits,” explains the Sustainability Director. “We need to show that with theirs or other people’s data, you can speed things up, and that the performance of the building is meeting what the occupant or owner wanted to achieve.”

The article – which also features opinions from Space Group‘s Rob Charlton and Turner & Townsend‘s David Monswhite – can be read by clicking here.

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