Tesseract Design on BIM: “Sharpen your axe” to create more work

Credit: Tesseract Design
Credit: Tesseract Design

A US Building Information Modelling consultancy have called on the AEC professionals who state that they are too busy to invest in BIM to “take the time to make a plan and transition to BIM”.

In a new blog post, Tesseract Design compare not having the time to adopt BIM to “being too busy chopping wood to sharpen your axe”. As the axe is sharper, more wood that can be chopped, a statement comparable to implementing BIM to increase the number of jobs that can be completed within the same timeframe.

“It can seem difficult to find the time to make important changes. When deadlines loom, the tunnel vision sets in and it becomes almost impossible to focus on anything other than the immediate task as hand,” notes the article.

“The idea of finding time to switch to BIM from 2D drafting seems nearly impossible. Such a huge workflow change seems too disruptive, even if implementing it would result in a substantial increase in productivity.”

The article author then proceeds to list benefits of BIM, giving his opinion on the high level of those who continue to resist BIM:

“BIM promises much greater efficiency and streamlined graphics creation, and I have to admit that I am frequently puzzled as to the resistance that some folks in the AEC industry show towards adopting this incredible set of tools.”

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