Rob Charlton blogs for bimstore: We are “proud to only support manufacturers’ content”

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Space Group CEO and Director of bimstore, Rob Charlton has blogged for the content creation platform in response to a controversial blog post questioning the importance of manufacturer-specific content written by Miles Walker on the 4BIM blog.

Miles pondered whether manufacturers’ content is indeed relevant in the grand scheme of BIM implementation across all lifecycle stages. He wrote: “Today, there is a case for content to be loaded with manufacturer’s specific data; this is of course appealing to the manufacturer who knows their products inside-out, and wants to see a high level rendition. But often this is not needed in design and may never be needed even at handover.

“However, I do have a general belief that the UK industry may be heading for a potential “black hole” where content is over modelled and not fit for purpose causing projects to be overloaded.”

Charlton thought to officially respond to Walker’s comments, expressing why bimstore do what they do and are proud to do so.

bimstore is proud to only support manufacturers’ content,” explained Rob. “This content is developed closely with the manufacturer with the family performance validated by them. We acknowledge the point about too much information in components from some manufacturers and the bimstore team has often had to explain that whilst the manufacturers may want every nut and bolt, this is not always relevant to the specifier.”

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Rob also cites a plant room exemplar scenario, suggesting that an example like this perfectly demonstrates why detailed manufacturer objects are useful. He stated: “With a manufacturer’s component we know the exact geometry. We know the true energy performance and the carbon performance for lifecycle calculations.

“When deciding space allocation for a plant room we can be accurate, with construction and land prices increasing we cannot afford to over or under design plant space. No client in central London would thank you for an over-designed plant room which could have been utilised for prime commercial or residential space.”

In closing Rob affirmed that the people who know most about their products are those who make them. With them on board and educated in the right way, BIM objects are created correctly.

bimstore believe the people who know the most about a given product is the organisation who manufacturers it. A generic specification is just that, generic. It’s useful when developing an initial requirement but soon you need to deliver the building performance and you will need accurate information for this.”

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