Report: BIM “wishy-washy” and “still in its infancy” in Middle East

Construction site stock image. Credit: Stockvault
Construction site stock image. Credit: Stockvault

ME Construction News have published a new article that spotlights the progress of Building Information Modelling adoption across the Middle East.

The report features opinions from professionals representing the likes of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Faithful + Gould and N. E. Azzam & Partners, and all commenters share the viewpoint that “there is more to be done” in the Middle East.

Luay Azzam, Executive Director of Jordanian construction consultancy N. E. Azzam & Partners highlights improved collaboration as a reason why BIM implementation is on the rise:

“While BIM is still wishy-washy, it is certainly something that should be considered because it will help in the life cycle of the building. Various team members should come together, and start talking in the same language. So still there is more to be done.

“That’s one of the hidden benefits that BIM does bring, it forces the parties to work more collaboratively on projects,” explained Azzam.

Faithful + Gould’s Steven Batchelor, an Operations Director believes that a recession in Abu Dhabi is a reason for slow uptake: “BIM is still in its infancy here in the GCC. We’re just coming out of a recession here to start with so the industry has been quiet for a few years.”

“If there hadn’t been a recession, no doubt everybody would be embracing it, it would have been a natural progression. But as they’re all slightly coming out of their shells again, it is taking a while to foster.”

For more industry opinion, view the source article here.

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