Report: BIM implementation in China to grow by 108% in two years

Credit: Stockvault
Credit: Stockvault

A new survey conducted by Dodge Data & Analytics in association with Autodesk and Glodon Software has found that Building Information Modelling implementation in China is to skyrocket by 108% within the next two years.

The Business Value of BIM in China SmartMarket Report‘ has found that BIM adoption by contractors will rise higher than architects, yet both will see monumental gains in utilisation of the technological process.

Architects who employ BIM usage on over 30% of their projects are forecast to increase their use of BIM by 89% whilst the aforementioned 108% rise relates to contractors who put BIM into action in over a third of their developments.

“This level of growth in BIM implementation clearly demonstrates the high degree of value that Chinese architects and contractors who use BIM find that they are getting from it,” responded Steve Jones, the Senior Director of Industry Insights at Dodge Data & Analytics. “Their expected level of engagement with BIM is well above the average from our global BIM study in 2013.”

Autodesk’s Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific, Patrick Williams also commented, stating: “As a leading advocate for the adoption of BIM in China, we’re especially encouraged by the findings of the report showing the rapid deployment of this game-changing process and the software and cloud technologies to support BIM.”

Other findings within the report were also very promising. When responding to questions about efficiencies that BIM has ushered in as a result of its implementation, 74% of responding contractors said that errors during their projects had reduced, with 59% believing that BIM has caused reduced rework and improved collaboration.

“We are very excited to see that construction firms use BIM on a greater proportion of current projects than architects do — an average of 24 percent for construction firms, versus 21 percent for architects,” explained Shaoshan Wang, Vice President of Glodon. “This shows that BIM application is accelerating in a positive direction, and presents a bigger potential market for us.”

To read the report’s accompanying press release, view it here. The report can be accessed here.

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