New Zealand form BIM acceleration committee, utilising BIM in Christchurch

Credit: Dewberry Civil Engineers
Credit: Dewberry Civil Engineers

A new online article has shed light on how New Zealand are in the process of catching up with the world leaders in Building Information Modelling.

The New Zealand Herald are reporting that since the formation of a BIM acceleration committee by the NZ Government, new efficient deadlines have been introduced, with the utilisation of BIM set to be a huge driver towards the target,

By 2020, the Australasian nation are hoping to be 20% more efficient in the construction sector. Whilst a bold target, it will be achievable if BIM is introduced correctly on building, infrastructure and landscape projects as often as possible.

The article also references how BIM is currently at the heart of various project as the country’s third largest city Christchurch is carrying out various new developments, a “rebirth” that is estimated to be worth $40 billion.

Architectural practice Warren and Mahoney are utilising BIM on several large-scale builds in the Southern Island city including a trio of 40,000sqm buildings.

Warren and Mahoney’s Jason Howden discussed using mobile tablet devices on site, a fairly new sight on construction sites.

“A laser grid that is accurate down to the millimetre is projected on the area being worked on – and the tablet computer is able to pick it up and use it to show a render of the BIM, overlaid on a live picture feed so workers can see exactly what the project is supposed to look like and work precisely to plan.”

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