NBS BIM Report 2015: Do respondents believe the UK are world leaders in BIM?

Credit: NBS
Credit: NBS

It is often publicised that the United Kingdom are making fantastic progress regarding Building Information Modelling adoption. With the Government forming the BIM Task Group and mandating Level 2 BIM for all public sector projects by 2016, they are firmly behind the utilisation of the technological process to better the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

Whilst many may believe that the Government are on the right track, do many view us as a world leader? According to the NBSNational BIM Report 2015, the answer would appear to be a resounding no.

Whilst 54% of respondents believe that the Government are progressing well and are leading the country in the right direction, the statistics are not so positive when those taking the annual survey were queried about our potential status as world leaders.

Just 25% of people surveyed said that they thought the UK were advancing in BIM greater than any other nation. 30% answered no whilst 45% neither agreed or disagreed.

Other worrying statistics showed that BIM 48% of respondents have implemented BIM in the last annum, down from 54% in the last set of results.

Confusing results can be sourced from the interrogative questioning the software that professionals are using on their BIM projects. Despite Autodesk Revit and Graphisoft ArchiCAD being the most discussed platforms – certainly on social media – Nemetschek Vectorworks topped the poll with 29%. Revit was runner-up with 25%.

Thankfully it is not all doom, gloom and confusion.

In three years time, 92% of respondents said that they believe they will have began to implement BIM whilst 96% have knowledge of BIM.

David Philp of the BIM Task Group commented on the positive survey results that indicate that over half of the industry believe that the Government are handling our future well with their BIM efforts. He said: “The survey results are hugely encouraging for all of us at the UK BIM Task Group. It’s immensely heartening to know that a majority of the industry feels that the government is on the right track with BIM.

“A digitised and integrated built environment is the future of our industry and increasing numbers of people are recognising this. We must continue to make it clear that BIM, and associated technologies that enable and support collaborative working, are of benefit to everyone, not just to central government. We’re very optimistic that the industry itself is in a great position to carry BIM forward towards a Digital Built Britain.”

To read the entire report, follow this link.

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