Mabey Hire blog on BIM Show Live 2015

Logo Credit: Mabey Hire
Logo Credit: Mabey Hire

Groundwork and formwork systems specialists and BIM Show Live 2015 exhibitors Mabey Hire have blogged about their experience at the UK‘s leading Building Information Modelling conference.

In a new blog post on their official website, Mabey Hire discuss their favourite presentations at BIM Show Live, opinion that is also accompanied by pictures from the event.

“We are always keen to ensure our employees are up to date with the latest trends, so attending such an event is great for the team. Our engineers and technicians benefitted from attending informative seminars on all topics from ROI to innovative projects incorporating BIM.”

Presentations from Sitedesk‘s Rob Umphray and BIM.TechnologiesOlly Thomas are two standout moments for the Mabey Hire team, who praised both as “particularly interesting”. They wrote: “There were also some particularly interesting sessions on how the industry can grow, with companies adopting new processes and ways of thinking. Rob Umphray, Sales Director at Sitedesk, suggested companies need to “move away from paper and go digital” when it comes to form creation. We think this approach is vital, especially when following up with leads.

“Another helpful tip came from Olly Thomas, Information Manager at BIM.Technologies, who said to “start with the end in mind and work backwards.” This way of thinking is critical to make sure that the client is front of mind and that the solution you provide is right for them.”

They also complimented a presentation from ICL who noted that companies adopting BIM must know why they are doing it; they shouldn’t just implement it because everyone around them seems to be:

“One of the key takeaways we noted was on the subject of companies embracing a BIM strategy. ICL highlighted that implementing BIM because everyone is, is one thing, but knowing why you need to is another. Many of the sessions and exhibitions worked to raise the general awareness of how BIM applies to temporary works to the same degree as permanent works. This is something that is often neglected.”

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