London primary school kick-starts BIM journey of Roan Building Solutions

Credit: Roan Building Solutions
Credit: Roan Building Solutions

UK modular building and portable cabin manufacturing firm Roan Building Solutions have announced details of their first Building Information Modelling project.

In an article published by business news platform BDaily, Roan invested in BIM to make the addition of a new classroom complex to a London-based school more efficient.

The £1.9 million development at Granard Primary School is the inaugural BIM project for Roan, one which will “surpass all sustainability targets and to meet BREEAM ‘excellent’ standards”.

The project began in January and the guaranteed delivery date will be in June, meaning the expansion to accommodate an increasing amount of pupils will have only taken 22 weeks – a very positive turnaround for the brimming education establishment.

“By July 2015, BIM will be fully implemented within Roan to not only provide a smoother construction process but also to reduce costs and waste by identifying potential issues before they arise,” explained Matthew Goff, Roan’s Sales Director.

He added: “3D animation allowed Granard Primary School to see their ideas formed into a realistic fly through of their building before construction starts on site and to see how it would add to the school’s existing landscape.”

Cheryl Grigg, Headteacher at Granard Primary School also commented, stating: “Through the 3D animation, we were able to see how the new building will be integrated into the current school environment.

“Using Roan’s regular step-by-step progress reports, the construction process will form a special project on the pupils’ curriculum and, once complete, the new build will provide high quality learning space.”

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