KPMG Global Survey: BIM key to turnaround of poor performance

Generic BIM image. Credit: Davidson College
Generic BIM image. Credit: Davidson College

The utilisation of Building Information Modelling has been hailed as one method of combating poor performance within construction, that is according to the Head of Infrastructure, Building and Construction at KPMG.

Richard Threlfall stated that more efficient planning and accurate planning of projects that come as a result of adopting BIM will enable owners facing underperforming projects to turn their fortunes around.

Threlfall’s comments come after the results of KPMG’s ‘2015 Global construction project owner’s survey: climbing the curve’ were released. Some 69% of respondents cited “identified poor contractor performance as the biggest reason for project underperformance” whilst the same percentage also answered that they are facing a skills shortage so large that they are having to employ external professionals to support their teams.

According to The Construction Index, 70% of those questioned also admitted to not meeting to project timetable or budget due to poor planning – a process which would of course be aided if BIM had been implemented.

The aforementioned Threlfall responded the report findings: “This survey highlights the prevailing issues affecting the sector both in the UK and globally. We will only see a turnaround of poor performing contracts once we start seeing contractors and project owners adopt technology such as BIM to enable more efficient planning, mandated apprenticeships to ensure skilled labour are bought up through the ranks, and more accurate planning of projects.”

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