ICYMI: “Long way to go when it comes to standardisation” say Adrem

Credit: Adrem Group
Credit: Adrem Group

Architectural recruitment agency Adrem Group have blogged on their findings relating to Building Information Modelling after attending BIM Show Live 2015.

Adrem’s specialist BIM Recruitment Consultant Jason Claxton attended the event as one of over 700 delegates who enjoyed two action-packed days of BIM presentations and panel discussions featuring over 60 industry speakers.

Claxton discusses the networking opportunities at the event, which talk he thought was his favourite, how the conference helps recruitment consultancies like Adrem and problems the industry faces leading up to the UK Government’s 2016 mandate.

On the best symposium: “I listened to a number of interesting talks after the dramatic entrance of David Philp at the opening address on a Sinclair C5! Some of which were incredibly engaging, some were beyond my understanding. The BIM for SMEs [BIM4SME] talk was one of my favourites of the two-day event. It involved the audience and really asked important questions about things like COBie and its relevance for small and medium practices.”

How networking events like this aid recruiters: “As I walked around I observed that recruiters like myself are part of the solution. Despite not being the best received throughout the industry, we have a responsibility to supply our clients with the right staff and to educate those clients who may be unsure of how to approach adopting BIM.

“Adrem we think it is essential that we do this as we are the barometer for change. It is our job to ensure we are a help rather than a hindrance.”

On how the industry can improve: “Despite not being a BIM Manager or Technician I ended up engaging in a number of conversations about BIM and the genuine frustrations within the industry. The general consensus was that BIM has come a long way but there is still a long way to go especially when it comes to standardisation.

“I came away feeling that many practices are not 100% ready, but I did feel as though BIM Show Live is an invaluable resource for practices of all sizes looking to get to BIM Level 2.”

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Stay tuned to BIMcrunch as on Friday, Jason will be the latest guest on Crunch Time. He will talk BIM Show Live, the lack of ‘Generation Y’ attending industry events, representation of women and race in BIM, what country he believes is leading the pack regarding BIM adoption plus much more.

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