Guardian Glass launch BIM objects across Europe

Guardian 1

Following a limited release of Guardian Glass Building Information Modelling objects in the United Kingdom last Summer, all Guardian Glass products are to be released in BIM format across Europe.

An official announcement was issues on Guardian’s website, in which it states that the company “has strived to meet the needs of a changing market, with BIM objects created for all Guardian products in Europe”.

Last year, Guardian Glass UK released Autodesk Revit and IFC compatible versions of their SunGuard, ClimaGuard and SatinDeco ranges, and now LamiGlass and Float Glass families are also available.

“The way architectural projects are being designed and created is changing,” explained European Channel and Segment Marketing Manager, Volodymyr Shkurenko. “There is a growing need for specified glass to be supported with BIM objects. Staying ahead of these new innovative processes is paramount to ensure we can provide the right products and support required to meet the needs of project design teams, from specification through to construction.”

To read more on the EU-wide release of Guardian Glass objects, click here.

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