Don’t Miss: RICS BIM4SME Awards applications close this week


This week marks the deadline for applications to be submitted forward for the RICS BIM4SME Awards 2015.

The inaugural RICS BIM4SME Awards event sees the two industry groups unite alongside the BIM Task Group to celebrate the success of UK-based small and medium enterprises and their implementation of Building Information Modelling.

The Exactal sponsored event will take place in London on June 18th, 2015 and the deadline for entries is April 17th, 2015, so you don’t have long to finalise any submissions!

◾ Best BIM Project – Medium Enterprise
◾ Best BIM Project – Small or Micro Enterprise
◾ Best SME BIM Blog
◾ Best SME BIM website
◾ Best SME Newcomer
◾ Best SME Innovation
◾ Best SME Training Strategy
◾ Best SME Engagement and Support Programme

BIM4SME Collaborator Andrew Turner has taken to Twitter to encourage industry professionals to contact SMEs to take part. Why not get recognised if you can?

For more information on the awards, visit the RICS official website.

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