Crunch Time: Henry Fenby-Taylor

Credit: Colour Urban Design
Credit: Colour Urban Design

The #GlobalBIMCrew are known for being an incredibly lively, sociable and helpful group of people who love to discuss their experiences within the Building Information Modelling sector whilst attending a plethora of nationwide BIM events. How would you like to get to know even more about your fellow BIM enthusiasts and experts? Crunch Time will let you learn more about your fellow industry members professionally, as well we as personally as they answer fun questions against the clock.

Previewing his presenting debut at BIM Show Live 2015 in today’s Crunch Time is Henry Fenby-Taylor, Landscape BIM System Designer at Colour Urban Design. In the interview, Henry discusses the Knowledge Transfer Partnership orchestrated by Teesside University that enabled him to climb up the BIM ladder is speedy fashion. Fenby-Taylor also gives us a preview of his upcoming BIM for Landscape book, a publication commissioned by the Landscape Institute who personally selected Henry to write it. The newly-appointed member of the BIM2050 Group also discusses what to expect from his upcoming presentation at BIM Show Live, why landscape architecture as a field are lagging behind in regards to BIM adoption and more.

NOTE: Despite speech stating otherise, this interview was conducted before Henry was announced as a BIM2050 Group member and the Build Newcastle Live competition.

Listen to the three-part interview below.

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