Catering scheme designer CHR discuss BIM Level 2 compliance

Credit: CHR
Credit: CHR

Catering Insight have posted a new article look at the Building Information Modelling Level 2 compliancy of a catering scheme designer and supplier.

CHR Foodservice Equipment are working at BIM Level 2 already after beginning their BIM journey in 2013. Following advice from Quadra Solutions, the firm swapped out AutoCAD and invested in Autodesk Revit, training staff to become skilled in using the software platform.

The efficiencies are notable since CHR began utilising Revit – 70% of each of their projects are quoted prior to the estimating team being given the job for pricing, allowing the company to double their workload yet retain the same level of staff.

“CHR has invested significantly in Revit software and taken on and trained new staff to cover BIM modelling, explained Paul Neville, CHR’s Sales Director. “The result is clear concise 2D/3D drawings, fully rendered models with walk through capability.

“The investment was also designed to streamline our quoting process by using the drawing file and our quoting system as one integrated system. This has allowed us to have around 70% of a project quoted prior to the estimating team being given the job for pricing. This means we can double the amount of work without employing further staff.”

CHR’s Managing Director Ron Neville also commented on the transition form CAD to BIM: “After the training we were seeing increased efficiencies of 60%, improvements on design process of 50% and better communication to clients using 3D imagery.”

To read the entire article that features additional quotes from other members of CHR’s team, click here.

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