BIM4FitOut discuss future plans, announce 3 new supply chain tools

Credit: BIM4FitOut
Credit: BIM4FitOut

Industry group BIM4FitOut have announced exciting new plans for their niche within the Building Information Modelling sector.

The faction are currently developing three tools to enable the merging of BIM and fit out processes. BIM4FitOut was established by FIS and their Chief Executive, David Frise took to to transcribe his thoughts and tease the group’s upcoming releases.

“BIM is a manifestation of the digitisation of the industry. We are not sure exactly how this will affect the way projects are managed but this is a revolution and it is better to take part in a revolution than have one done to you,” noted Frise.

The first creation for the supply chain will be a new framework and toolkit that will be the initial source needed for contractors when they are starting to adapt to the requirements of BIM. These related features will be released on May 19th.

BID4Free is the second project in the pipeline, a free-to-use model reader “designed to allow tenders to be returned using a model and crucially without adding to the cost of returning a tender”. Balfour Beatty and Innovate UK are also working on BID4Free with BIM4FitOut.

Finally, BIM4FitOut are to work with NBS on producing product data templates (PDTs) that will be inserted into the Digital BIM Toolkit. The PDTs will “allow manufacturers to structure data … including performance, sustainability and operational information”.

To read more on the latest BIM4FitOut goals, click here.

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