“BIM is encouraging greater boldness in designs” yet is there an element of risk?

Credit: Turner Construction Company
Credit: Turner Construction Company

A new article from Australian media outlet Sourceable has looked at the positive benefits of Building Information Modelling adoption, yet also carefully looking at the other side of the coin and analysing risks involved.

Many within the industry believe that BIM allows for more time to be spent on the design of the building, landscape or piece of infrastructure that they are working on. Whilst the author of this article agrees, he believes that “BIM is encouraging greater boldness in designs which bring with them greater levels of project risk”.

The report also looks at the cost and training involved with BIM implementation: “BIM is bringing in a number of benefits but is creating another area where firms have to invest in financial resources and staff time in terms of software and training.

“BIM is also impacting client perceptions about what they need to pay for.”

According to the piece, more work needs to be done on clarifying how complex the creation and maintaining of a model can be: “Many now believe you can specify aspects of buildings and simply put it in the BIM model without realising that the process of creating and maintaining the model is not always straightforward and needs to be carefully managed.”

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Do you agree with the author’s viewpoint in that BIM does create more risks? Or do you believe that if a model is completed correctly with the right level of data with processes like clash detection involved, those so-called design-related risks will be diminished?

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