Anne Kemp: “Open standards organisations need the right people to come forward to help”

Credit: Geospatial Media
Credit: Geospatial Media

buildingSMART UK Vice Chair Anne Kemp has discussed the evolution of the organisation and also current trends relating to Building Information Modelling in a new blog post.

The Director of BIM Strategy & Development at Atkins cited recent industry events that she has delivered speeches at to compile her thoughts on how BIM is impacting various countries across the globe and problems that they are all sharing.

Anne – who spoke at the most recent GreenBIM event in Leeds – firstly discussed the progress of the buildingSMART faction and how the UK division has helped push the UK Government’s Level 2 mandate.

Discussing trends noticed when at the buildingSMART International Summit, she said: “Particularly because the conference was hosted in the UK, we were overtly exploring the BIM journey here and how that appears to the rest of the world – its relevance, its current status and intentions, and the prospects for its contributions globally to deal with the disruptive changes we all face.

“We determined that we are well on the road now to providing the building blocks required to deliver projects in Level 2, and that these were important to implement before venturing to Level 3.”

“We also determined that the vision of what Level 2 then provides for us – the route to progression to a Digital Built Britain – has to be underpinned by the development and maintenance of international open standards. This is why buildingSMART International is cited as one of the four organisations partnering to facilitate Digital Built Britain.”

Elaborating further on the issue of open standards, referencing conversations raised at GreenBIM, Anne stated: “People don’t really want to know what is happening under the bonnet and what format the data may or may not be in. They simply want to know that the data is open, and it is shareable .

“What is clear is that the open standards organisations need the right people to come forward to help. For a start, there is a challenge around succession planning – we need younger people coming in with a passion to get stuck in. And we also need relevant Use Cases – examples of various problems and challenges which need to be solved and which can test current and evolving thinking.”

Anne also looks at the “converging” journeys of both BIM and GIS in the Adjacent Government article, which can be viewed here.

Ms Kemp was announced as the new buildingSMART Vice Chair back in January. She was also recently announced to deliver a presentation at The Association for Geographic Information‘s ‘Geo: Big 5‘ event tomorrow.

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