Worcester MP “impressed with significant investment” in BIM by DJD Architects

Credit: DJD Architects
Credit: DJD Architects

The use of Building Information Modelling on the regeneration of a tower block trio has received notable praise from a UK member of Parliament.

St John’s Towers were revamped by DJD Architects, which has saw the Worcester skyline become revitalised by the buildings’ overcladding refurbishment. MP Robin Walker was said to be a “big fan” of the successfully completed project and is “particularly impressed with the significant investment in BIM”.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved on the St John’s Towers and we know that the clients are really happy with the results and the residents are already making use of their new facilities,” stated David Davis, Managing Director of DJD.

“The project is now complete and we’re pleased to know we have made a positive impression on the Worcester skyline,” added David, who was speaking with Worcester News.

This story is a positive example of BIM being adopted for a refurbishment project, a topic discussed during BIMcrunch’s recent Crunch Time interview with Leica GeosystemsPaul Burrows.

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