WATCH – KAJIMA and TAKENAKA discuss Solibri software

Credit: Solibri
Credit: Solibri

Two Japanese contractors are represented in two new videos that discuss how they both value the “enormously valuable” skills of Solibri Building Information Modelling software.

Yoshihiro Yasui of KAJIMA Corporation and Hidemi Ikeda of TAKENAKA Construction Company have both weighed in on how Solibri Model Checker has been a positive implementation to their businesses’ BIM workflows.

Yasui believes that Solibri Model Checker is great for intersection checking and model viewing: “We feel that Solibri has excellent skills for not only intersection check, but also viewing,” explained the Group Leader of BIM Implementation.

“We have mainly used the intersection rule between architectural model and MEP and component distance rules. We believe Solibri is enormously valuable as a communication tool [with] so many functions which can be utilized widely from a beginner to an advanced user.”

TAKENAKA Structural Designer Ikeda also gave his thoughts on using Solibri, admitting that he was sceptical of utilising it at first.

“If you ask me if I like Solibri or not I say I like it, although not right from the start,” said the Group Leader. “But then we started to use Solibri and I very much understood the potential.”

Ikeda feels that Solibri’s best feature relates to individual design teams being able to concentrate on their own part of a project: “The best thing is that each designer in architecture, structure, and MEP are able to focus on their work. We do not currently import a model into BIM software. We apply Solibri now on each individual model.”

To view Ikeda’s video interview, click play below.

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