WATCH – Cubicle Centre take centre stage in new video from The B1M

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Cubicle Centre and The B1M are two popular businesses within the Building Information Modelling sector; one is a manufacturer success story with a passion for sharing their knowledgeable experiences with fellow professionals whilst another is the industry’s finest video content library, a website boasting hours upon hours of informative BIM content.

Today, the two have combined as The B1M’s cameras caught up with Cubicle Centre’s Brand and Marketing Director, Craig Sewell as well as BIM Technician James Gill and other members of the SME’s team.

The clip – which is over five minutes in length – sees Sewell discuss receiving a random email from bimstore a few years ago, a point of contact that changed everything for the Yorkshire, United Kingdom-based manufacturer.

“BIM first came to my attention really from a marketing angle,” explained Sewell. “We got an email from bimstore – the fancy 3D visuals stood out to me. But I clicked learned that there was a lot more to BIM and the benefits were there internally for us as well as externally.”

Sewell also spoke about pitching BIM to company management, and he says that the owners have been on-board since “day one”.

“We have had a shared vision about improving the company so the investment has been a lot easier for us to handle as a small company.”

Sewell elaborated: “For Cubicle Centre, BIM was all about improving the speed of the production process. We had a bit of a bottleneck when it came to the office side of production where the factory were waiting for jobs to come through.

“Integrating BIM into that office based process is speeding things up, ensuring we get jobs through to the factory quicker and keeping our lead times short. BIM allowed us to improve our production times and increase turnover so effectively, it was a no brainer.”

Technician Gill also guides viewers through implementing a Cubicle Centre product into a BIM model, explaining how BIM’s way of working has made a huge impact on production compared to traditional methods.

Manufacturing With BIM: The Cubicle Centre Story‘ is the first in a series of documentary pieces from The B1M that will spotlight the BIM journeys of various organisations. Discussing Cubicle Centre’s adoption of BIM, B1M Founder Fred Mills commented:

“Cubicle Centre’s BIM journey is an inspirational story locked inside modest people. They’re doing a great job yet don’t really realise it. What we shine a light on here is people – normal people like you and I – seeing real benefits in their business and working lives as a direct result of using BIM.”

Watch the video below. We very much recommend that you do!

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