‘Telemetry’ functionality boosts Concerto’s BIM mobile solutions

Credit: Concerto
Credit: Concerto

Software specialists Concerto, who provide integrated web-based project and asset management solutions, have today announced that ‘telemetry’ functionality has been added in the latest update to their mobile solution.

“Concerto’s BIM enabled property asset management solution acts as a central hub, bringing together all property management related functionality under one roof with fully integrated mobile technology.” Combining asset and operational management with your finance system and chosen project environment, collaborative management of your businesses assets can be achieved better than ever thanks to new updates to Concerto’s BIM Enabled Asset Management tool.

According to the official press release, the new ‘telemetry’ options allow Concerto’s CAFM suite of software to ‘pulse’ information from mobile devices to the helpdesk”. This means that helpdesk staff see the latest time that an operative synced their mobile app and what time the app last checked for data.

Telemetry is defined as “the highly automated communications process by which measurements are made and other data collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring”. Pretty nifty to have this included if you ask us.

Steve De Rycke, Concerto’s Technical Director commented: “This latest update takes our mobile capabilities to a new level for our users. The device goes online every minute and checks for new jobs and at the same time it stores its location allowing operatives to plot a mobile worker’s last location on a map.

This along with the QR code scanning capabilities and all the other expected features makes for a comprehensive offering and great value for money.”

Describing the new updates as “great” was Operations Director at Concerto, Greg Davies. He said: “Thanks to better web technology and the advent of improved, higher power, low cost hardware, Concerto has a built in technological solution that offers a great mobile experience, and proven efficiency savings, for the end user. The whole Concerto enterprise software framework incorporates all of your mobile working licenses at no additional cost.”

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Today’s coverage follows our story from late year surrounding the release of Concerto’s BIM Common Data Environment (CDE) tool.

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