Report: “Working from a common basis” key to effective BIM implementation

Credit: Metsec
Credit: Metsec

Computer Weekly has examined the monumental impact that Building Information Modelling has had on the industry, and they believe that the “sooner that construction companies commit to BIM, the greater the benefits will be”.

The article begins by giving it’s own definition of BIM, adding to the plethora available to digest across the internet. Author Peter Ray Allison writes: “BIM is not a single piece of software or model, but a new form of information processing and collaboration, with data embedded within the model. Each discipline or organisation creates its own model, and these are subsequently amalgamated to provide a combined view of the entire project.”

The news post also highlights how to get the most out of a BIM project: “The key to an effective implementation of BIM is to ensure that all parties are working from a common basis. Often, this is achieved through a document of understanding that is issued at the start of a project. Such a document details the tools that are to be used, methodologies for information interchange, and the level of detail required for each stage of project delivery.”

Another interesting statement within the piece states that the change BIM is orchestrating within the industry is bigger than the shift in operations that CAD brought to the industry: “The change that BIM offers the construction industry has been seen as even bigger than the transformation CAD brought to traditional drawing practices. While CAD was simply a new tool for producing engineering drawings, BIM requires a greater change.

“Like any new process, change takes time, especially in an industry as fragmented as construction. However, the streamlined and cost-effective design process of BIM offers proven cost reduction and quality improvement.”

Click here to read the entire article, which also features insight from Arup‘s Paul Hill.

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