Project Virtual discuss how BIM is improving on-site safety

Credit: Stockvault
Credit: Stockvault

A new online blogpost has examined the positive impact the implementation of Building Information Modelling can have on the safety of on-site workers.

Project Virtual, a joint BIM training initiative between the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. and Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, have listed reasons as to how BIM can enhance the level of safety for labourers and workers carrying out construction work.

Citing the 2013 Safety Management in the Construction Industry SmartMarket Report by McGraw Hill, the blog writers state that in a vast majority of cases examined by McGraw Hill, implementing BIM “taking extra measures to ensure safety does not impact the schedule negatively”.

Due to BIM models making hazards clearly visible for workers, on-site staff can use their mobile tablet devices to see where potential risks will be, meaning they will take more care when they know they are approaching a potentially dangerous area.

Another positive attributed to BIM is that due to being “easily identifiable with 4D scheduling”, easier construction activity planning and crew coordination can be achieved.

Finally, as BIM models contain a plethora of specific components, each with various levels of functionality, it is easier “for each worker to understand what is going on in the areas” they are working, without having to worry about or be too invested in other areas of the project, or the entire thing.

To read the article in full, you can find it here.

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