NBS’ Mordue: BIM Toolkit “is who, what and when [for] documents, geometry and property sets”

Credit: NBS
Credit: NBS

Later this week, Business Solutions Consultant and Technical Author at NBS, Stefan Mordue will be taking part in the latest edition of our Crunch Time interview series. In the interview, listeners can get to know Stefan professionally and personally as he discusses his contribution to the CIC BIM2050 Group as well as authoring two books.

One of Stefan’s most interesting answers was in relation to a question regarding the NBS’ Digital Toolkit, hailed as the ‘missing piece of the jigsaw’ in the UK Government’s suite of Level 2 BIM documentation.

Explaining the toolkit and its many uses, Stefan said: “It will be a free-to-use tool specifically designed to enable the project leader to clearly define the team responsibilities and an information delivering plan for each stage of the project.

“In a nutshell it is who, what and when in terms of documents, geometry and property sets.”

Listen to a Crunch Time preview clip below for the rest of what Stefan had to say in regards to the much-discussed toolkit, set for release on April 8th to coincide with BIM Show Live 2015.

Check back to BIMcrunch this Friday to hear the Crunch Time interview with Stefan in its entirety.

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