Michael Aubrey Partnership: “BIM definitely facilitates better coordination”

Credit: Michael Aubrey Partnership
Credit: Michael Aubrey Partnership

In the second part of an interview with their Managing Director, Michael Aubrey Partnership have posed the question “BIM: What are you waiting for?”

Michael Aubrey Partnership utilise Building Information Modelling on ever single one of their projects, and their MD – and Chartered Structural Engineer – John Staves explains that BIM has enabled the practice to work “far, far better”.

“BIM has given us such a better product. If I look back to before we started using BIM, and to where we have taken our product to now, which is effectively a quality design, the quality of information we are producing is far, far better with less cost.

“Architects – BIM allows a better quality design to hit site, one that is better thought out, so everything works. Where an architect’s traditional role would be to coordinate the design, so that all the design team members and the design as a whole that gets built, it’s now fully coordinated so we don’t get services clashing with walls, beams and structure.

“BIM definitely facilitates better coordination. That’s just scratching the surface for what BIM can do for a project.”

BIM implementation when done right simply leads to positive feedback, and the most basic of statements is one that Staves values most: “When a client gets what they want [leads to the best feedback]. When their project is there and they are getting to use it how they want to. It’s rewarding for me when a client says “thank you” and really means it.”

This story is the second half of our recent coverage on Michael Aubrey Partnership. Last week, John Staves stated that BIM allows their firm to concentrate more on design.

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