MD of Viewpoint Construction Software: “The time to act on BIM is now”

Credit: BDaily
Credit: BDaily

Following research conducted by one of the companies he oversees, the Managing Director of Viewpoint Construction Software has declared that “the time to act on BIM is now”.

In a self-penned article on Building4Change, Alun Baker referenced statistics collected by 4Projects, a company owned by Viewpoint. Baker’s aforementioned declaration is in response to some worringly low figures that arose from the results.

Although 75% of respondents believe that the United Kingdom‘s Government were right to mandate BIM, only 2% of those who took the questionnaire believe that they are Level 2 BIM compliant.

In another alarming statistic, 65% of correspondents still only use email as their primary medium for information-sharing, not a 3D BIM model.

Baker spends the rest of his passage explaining the fantastic positives that adopting BIM can enable a business to indulge in. He notes that improved cost efficiencies amongst other factors within a common data environment (CDE) put BIM on a pedestal as “the game-changer for construction”.

“An appetite for change is being fuelled not just by government policy,” said Baker. “For project delivery teams, benefits can include improved cost efficiencies and control, time savings, risk mitigation and defect minimisation, reduced resource consumption and waste costs, plus better workflow management.

“The universal platform that enables this degree of integrated workflow and unleashes the true collaboration potential of BIM, the game-changer for construction, is a common data environment (CDE).

“The CDE brings together all project information in one place – it is the central point for data. Multiple parties feed their data, such as documents, drawings and plans, into the CDE and even though each stakeholder might be using different software, it all integrates, so can be accessed by everyone – there are no technology barriers.”

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. To enable your business to complete more projects in less time, a BIM workflow is the way forward.

To read Alun Baker’s inspirational article, you find find it via this link.

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