Jaga UK: Rapid BIM adoption “optimising the efficiency of building design”

Credit: Jaga Heating Products
Credit: Jaga Heating Products

The Managing Director at one of the UK‘s most discussed BIM-adopting manufacturer successes has written a new blog explaining the benefits of having content digitised in a Building Information Modelling format.

Phil Marris of Jaga Heating Products has called for manufacturers to investigate how BIM can develop their business, as they should not missed out on BIM, which is “optimising the efficiency of building design”.

“The increasing use of BIM in optimising the efficiency of building design is equally beneficial throughout the actual construction phase.

“Workers can have detailed, interactive drawings and specifications in their hands. This helps cut down the time spent going back and forth to the site office should uncertainties or queries arise. Fewer hours are wasted unnecessarily and the detail available helps reduce errors, which translates to greater efficiency and cost reduction over the construction period.”

A positive coming from creating products that can be used in BIM software is that all relevant information comes with the downloads. This is something that Marris also alluded to in his H&V News article.

“Better access to information makes a smarter, more efficient workforce. Greater knowledge also results in greater productivity. Of course, it may initially cost more to train workers to use the skills needed to implement this more data-centric approach, but it would ultimately lead to significant savings and improved quality.”

To read Marris’ thoughts in full, follow this link.

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