Digital Built Britain: Balfour Beatty’s Trebilcock talks BIM Level 3

Credit: Balfour Beatty
Credit: Balfour Beatty

The Director of Building Information Modelling at Balfour Beatty has addressed the UK Government’s strategic plan to get the nation ready for the implementation of Level 3 BIM – Digital Built Britain.

Over at Construction News, Peter Trebilcock answered some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the next generation of BIM adoption, a programme unveiled last week by Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable.

Trebilcock assured readers that the announcement of Level 3 plans do not impact Level 2 adoption whatsoever, with the Government’s 2016 mandate will very much “remain the focus”. He explained what people can expect from Level 3
and stated when early adopter projects will commence.

“The technology currently employed in BIM will combine with the ‘internet of things’, ‘advanced data analytics’ and the ‘digital economy’ to enable more effective planning of new infrastructure, at a lower cost, and the ability to operate and maintain it more efficiently.

“It is an evolving programme that will be delivered in phases:

Level 3A – Enabling improvements in the Level 2 model
Level 3B – Enabling new technologies and systems
Level 3C – Enabling the development of new business models
Level 3D – Capitalising on world leadership

“Planning [for Level 3] has already started, but the first early adopter projects aim to be operational at Level 3 by 2017.”

Trebilcock also explained that Digital Built Britain is good news for SMEs. He elaborated: “Digital Built Britain aims to provide a platform for suppliers to bid to supply solutions, which will help especially SME to use technology confidently, trade online and seize technological opportunities in both domestic and international markets.

“Greater focus will be placed on the supply chain including SMEs to provide innovative data-rich solutions directly for the customer.”

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