Build Newcastle Live sponsors Asite discuss the competition

Logo Credit: Asite
Logo Credit: Asite

Sponsors of the popular Build Newcastle Live Building Information Modelling design competition have commented on the successful initiative, describing the contest as “hotly-contested”.

Asite sponsored the event and it is understood they will also sponsor Build New York Live in September, the other branch of the Build Earth Live competition.

Ritesh Narain, CEO of Asite India commented on the winning submissions, specifically praising the entries of Class of Your Own and overall winner #BIMCommandos, a collective made up of Bailey Street Scene, Colour Urban Design, Eyelevel Creative, Faulkner Browns Architects, Hodgson Sayers, JMP and Teesside University.

“Never have I seen a Build Live competition so hotly contested,” said Narain. “I was particularly impressed with the student submission “Class of your Own” they showed great skill and were brave enough to go for a complex final design. BIM Commandos were judged to have the best submission due to the level of detail within their submission which was complemented by excellent architectural facades and near zero carbon footprint for the built environment.”

Another name to comment on #BNL was Claire Thirlwall, Landscape Architect and member of the Northern Ireland BIM Hub team who took home the prize for Best Use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement. She provided BIMcrunch with an exclusive blog detailing her experiences.

BIMcrunch reported on all of the award winners on Monday (May 23rd), and our coverage can be found here.

For more on Asite’s comments, click here.

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