BIM Show Live organisers: “Get a feel of where the industry is at”

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The Head of Sponsorship & Event Manager for BIM Show Live 2015 has been interviewed in the run up to the big event, describing #BSL2015 as the place to “get a feel of where the industry is at”.

Oliver Hughes of UBM spoke to UK Construction Media about the upcoming conference, which is the biggest Building Information Modelling-exclusive event of the year. Sponsored by BIM.Technologies, BIM Show Live will attract 800 delegates to Manchester, United Kingdom on April 8th and 9th.

Hughes discussed how the speakers are chosen for the popular BIM showcase, and he described the process as the “biggest challenge”.

“We’re content-heavy with the show and the biggest challenge is scheduling all of this with the exhibition and everything else,” explained Hughes. “The seminar programme is sent out for the whole of the industry. We have about 100 entries as well as another 20+ that have missed the deadline who want an extension. From this, we pick 32. We get a lot of requests to speak and present.”

“We then assemble a judging panel of industry experts who get the course papers. If you want to enter, you have to submit a 500-word description of what you want to talk about, what your presentation would feature and what it would include.

“Quite often, you get about 20 that are unanimous and then there’s a big debate around the other 12 that get in because inevitably, there are a lot of good presentations that should make it but don’t. We usually end up with a big ‘maybes’ pile and we have to debate the merits over one or the other.”

Hughes also addressed the practical aftermath to BIM Show Live, with attendance allowing delegates to put something they have learned immediately into action: “There are loads of great BIM conferences out there, loads of discussion and debate to be had. When we first started, there weren’t many people on board and engaged with it but as that’s grown, our themes have developed. This year, we want people to ‘prove it’. Last year’s strapline was ‘now it’s serious’.

“The theory around ‘prove it’ is that we’re doing it now. Let’s start getting some return on investment, projects delivered and see how BIM has offered value rather than a process people have adopted.

“We try and steer clear of the big thinking that doesn’t lead to action. Our plenary sessions have panel debates and we have keynote speakers who are a bit more open in that regard,” concluded Hughes.

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