Autodesk’s Malkin deems Australia “immature” concerning BIM for infrastructure

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

The Director of Architecture, Infrastructure, Engineering and Construction for Asia Pacific at Autodesk has branded Australia “immature in some respects in the BIM for Infrastructure space”, despite having “some of the best engineers in the world”.

Sourceable reports that Rob Malkin believes Australia have major potential to take on worldwide Building Information Modelling leaders in relation to building projects, yet the nation have a lot of work to do in terms of the realm of infrastructure.

“Australia is a relatively mature market in the use of BIM technology in the building discipline; however, we’re immature in some respects in the BIM for Infrastructure space,” stated Malkin.

“We have some of the best engineers in the world in Australia and they are all facing a period of great change in project funding models, human resource skilling and technology. They have a desire to deliver BIM on major projects, but they face obstacles in the delivery mechanism back to stakeholders.”

For Australia to gain traction in relation to infrastructure projects enforced by Government, “clear communications and road maps in delivering BIM from both Federal and State governments” added Malkin.

“The use of new technology can open up new funding models by the lowering of risk that BIM brings to projects, which also drives efficiencies, thus delivering better value to the community.”

Malkin was also asked about whether Australian Government should mandate BIM adoption, similar to the United Kingdom‘s much-talked about mandatory ruling. Malkin replied: “As Australia looks to invest $70 billion in its infrastructure over the next seven years, the case for mandating is clear with all of the efficiencies that are associated with BIM.”

Malkin’s latter comments echo those of fellow Australian BIM professional Leigh Jasper, CEO of Aconex. Jasper gave BIMcrunch exclusive comment, in which he said Australia should “take a further step and mandate BIM”.

To read all of Malkin’s comments on BIM for infrastructure, follow this link.

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