Arcadis discuss purchasing Hyder, forming a European BIM Group

Credit: Arcadis
Credit: Arcadis

Global consultancy Arcadis have spoken to New Civil Engineer about their recent Building Information Modelling strategy, a plan of action put into place after the Dutch firm purchased Hyder Consulting.

Bram Mommers, Arcadis’ European BIM Business Development Manager provided comment on how Arcadis and Hyder, plus other companies that it purchased – EC Harris and RTKL – all needed to get on the same page quickly when it came to the rapidly progressing process known as BIM. Read excerpts from the article below.

On forming a European BIM Group across their business: “One week after the acquisition [of Hyder] we had our first phone call and right from the start we were collaborating. I was afraid that we would have differing opinions and we’d disagree about all kinds of academic stuff, but it hasn’t been a struggle at all and we have found a way to collaborate and make sure we have a common approach to BIM.”

On Arcadis’ list of 18 BIM uses: “We refer to it as our BIM menu. It defines the what of BIM. The how is defined in the Arcadis BIM White Paper. To extend the metaphor, our kitchen delivers these dishes using standards like BS1192. If, for example, you laser scan a structure or building, that is defined as “capturing” on our menu and if we use that information to size the design, we are “sizing”. Those are two of the 18 BIM uses we might use in a project.”

On how BIM will evolve in the future and how the industry should: “At the moment BIM is very object based and we want to turn it into an information based system. The UK government and the BIM task force have done a brilliant job with Level 2 strategy; I think the whole of Europe can learn from it. Level 3 is more academic, I think, and will be about smart cities and semantic web technologies.

“We need to be careful because you can hit ‘infobesity’ where there’s so much information but it’s useless because you can never find what you want. It has to be about sitting down with clients and reviewing what information is and isn’t required to prevent that.”

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