Will NBS’ Digital Plan of Work cater to Landscape BIM?

Credit: ASSA ABLOY, Ecobuild
Credit: ASSA ABLOY, Ecobuild

A recent webinar has detailed whether the NBS Toolkit and Digital Plan of Work (dPoW) will be of use to the landscape architecture sector.

An Ecobuild webinar in association with ASSA ABLOY UK featured various industry names discussing the upcoming UK Government-backed BIM implementation tool. Members on the panel giving advice and guidance relating to the toolkit and their experiences of it were: ASSA ABLOY UK’s Managing Director David Wigglesworth and BIM Manager Andy Stolworthy; CEO of RIBA Enterprises (owner of NBS) Richard Waterhouse, and Director of David Miller Architects, David Miller.

Waterhouse was posed the following question relating to the NBS Toolkit – “Digital Plan of Work – Buildings and Infrastructure were mentioned many times, yet does this extend to Landscape? Many of the BIM tools don’t seem to cope well with landscape elements, i.e things than can grow. How is this to be facilitated?”

With his expertise being involved with the project first-hand, Waterhouse explained that the toolkit was also going to be of help to landscape architects, yet it may not do everything correctly for every user at the first try:

“Yes it does include Landscape, explained Waterhouse. “Clearly, there are issues with things that change over time but the work that is being done in the DPoW is to define the information requirements, not to actually scope out what will happen to these things in the future.

RIBA Enterprises CEO, Richard Waterhouse. Credit: Vectorworks
RIBA Enterprises CEO, Richard Waterhouse. Credit: Vectorworks

“The operational side of that will be covered and should be covered as part of PAS Part 3, how we deal with future works to landscape and to the things we put into landscape. Our job at this stage is to determine the information requirements that are needed through the design stages and the information that is needed at handover for use in the future.

“We’re not going to get this right first time; there’ll be things we learn from and that we adapt as we go, as of course, this is a new area for everybody so we have to be able to listen and learn and then update the data to suit. No pun intended, we will watch that one grow.”

BIM in relation to landscape architecture is a particularly interesting subject at the moment, with most successful and publicised BIM work relating to building and infrastructure projects. At BIM Show Live 2015, Colour UDL‘s Henry Fenby-Taylor is to discuss his upcoming book ‘BIM for Landscape‘, which should also help landscape architects understand BIM. With the dPoW, perhaps landscape professionals will also have a tool they feel comfortable using. Only time will tell.

Ecobuild 2015 commences on March 3rd. More information on the event can be found here.

Follow this link to listen to the webinar replay.

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