WATCH – SBEnrc release ‘BIM for Business’ seminar videos

Credit: SBEnrc
Credit: SBEnrc

The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre (SBEnrc) have released new video content taken from one of their popular conferences late last year.

Two videos have been uploaded to the official SBEnrc YouTube channel showcasing presentations from SBEnrc’s ‘BIM for Business’ seminar, which took place in Perth, Australia last November.

CEO OF SBEnrc Keith Hampson, and Adriana Sanchez, Research Associate at Curtin University (where the conference took place) discuss BIM policy, procurement and skills in the first video, which is jam-packed with information at over 10 minutes long.

“BIM is an emerging and transformative technology that changes the way everything is done”, notes Sanchez, who also explained that SBEnrc are hoping to create a framework that will allow people to “identify the benefits they want from BIM and also measure them depending on their project”.

The second video focuses on a rather unique standpoint, the implementation of scaffolding and how BIM can be used in regards to that. Curtin University’s Xiangyu Wang took listeners through that, whilst using a rather fun comparison, in which he compared BIM to an octopus, making his speech very easy to digest.

Watch Wang’s presentation below.

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