WATCH – Civil BIM, GIS and LiDAR discussed by Dewberry Civil Engineers

Credit: Dewberry
Credit: Dewberry

A new video featuring expert insight on Civil BIM, coupled with 3D Building Information Modelling graphical representations has been released by a professional services practice from the United States.

Dewberry‘s official YouTube channel is home to the upload, which features Dewberry Civil Engineers Cody Pennetti and Meagan Judge discussing what exactly Civil BIM is and how easy to access the information is becoming.

“By using a BIM model, we can better understand the utility networks underground that you can’t necessarily see, and therefore allows a civil engineer to provide more accurate and more enhanced design of those said utilities,” explains Judge.

Pennetti also discusses the close relationship between BIM and GIS practice for Civil BIM: “In the same way that our architects use BIM processes to model everything on the inside of a facility, we’re modelling everything on the outside.

“We’re able to work with GIS professionals and data to create a model of an entire city. This means that we’re looking at the context of [a] project not just as a single property, but what it means to the entire build environment.

“We’re able to provide a much more familiar perspective to the client and the community than they would see on a black and white paper sheet.”

Dewberry’s Applications Specialist Cyndy Davenport also explains how BIM enables Dewberry to stop sifting through countless separate pages of elevations, hand drawings, plan views and profiles, some of which may not even match to one another. BIM gives the firm freedom to showcase a project to a client better than ever before, whilst increasing the accuracy of their work.

Pennetti also discussed LiDAR implementation, which is enabling the firm to create “a very rich model of everything that exists today minimal effort in terms of production”.

“We’ve developed BIM processes that allow us to take that information and provide it in these large three-dimensional models with a lot of really, really good data embedded into those models.” elaborated Pennetti.

Watch the entire video below.