WATCH – BPi discuss $500 million BIM project

Credit: US Chamber Foundation
Credit: US Chamber Foundation

BGC + POSCO E&C International, or BPi, have discussed their 480 Hay Street Building Information Modelling development in Perth, Australia.

Posted to their official YouTube channel, the BIM consultants discuss how BIM has not only revolutionised the construction industry as a whole, but also enabled them to deliver their projects.

480 Hay Street is a $500 million mixed-use redevelopment that comprises of a 5-star hotel plus office, retail and dining space. According to the video’s description, the BPi-managed case study is “the first of its kind in Australia to adopt a true Open BIM approach”.

“The Scandinavians, with their Government have implemented BIM; there is a 1% productivity waste, versus Australia at 29%, and having a $7 billion dollar capital waste every single year,” explained Levi Nass, VDC Manager at BPi.

The solution to reducing that large amount of waste? BPi’s Chris Theis alluded to the answer: “In Australia, we operate in a very high cost environment; we can’t just solve problems by throwing people at them. We have to work smarter.” – That’s where BIM comes in.

Although the interoperability of different BIM software can be a highly-challenging roadblock, BPi explain how they work with IFC to enable complete collaboration with all members of the project team, regardless of their software choice.

Naas elaborated: “The interoperability between different software platforms is highly challenging. Different platforms can actually begin to speak to each other. Through IFC, we use Archicad, we use Revit and you will likely have Tekla [Structures].”

The firm also use GRAPHISOFT BIMx, Solibri, and Vico products, meaning they are able to accommodate for a lot of their clients.

The video clip, which is over five minutes in length, also looks at Perth’s stance as a city creating major BIM waves, including insight from Curtin University.

Check out the video below.

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