UK’s ‘The Telegraph’ shines light on benefits of BIM

Credit: The Telegraph
Credit: The Telegraph

The Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom has shed light onto Building Information Modelling on a national, non-construction related scale.

The article includes quotations from Faithful+Gould‘s Helen Brydson, who is a RICS chartered Project Manager. Her words help convey the main aspect of the article, which is to help readers understand that the construction industry is shifting into the digital age.

“As a project manager, I can pick up a snag on a building with an architect and enter it immediately on the BIM system, meaning everyone has access to that information straight away,” comments Brydson, who is explaining the technological process she works with.

As with many professionals within the business, Brydson believes that the promotion of collaborative thinking is what BIM does best, especially when it comes to overcoming problems with a development. She elaborated: “If you have a hurdle in building work, you have to find a way to quickly get over it and get back on track.

“Quite often this is a case of working together collaboratively with constructors and architects and thinking around the problem. Communication and good working relationships are key to making sure everyone has the right message, because if someone is working with the wrong information, that can be the difference between the success and failure of a building.”

Brydson also spoke about whether the adoption of BIM technology will be difficult for those yet to start the process. She says that for those “doing [architecture] the traditional way”, it may be tough, yet the efficiencies make it worthwhile.

“It will produce efficiencies that help us as an industry but I think for people doing it the traditional way, it will be a steep learning curve, and those who are just coming into the industry will benefit from being tech-savvy.”

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