Sir Geoff Hurst to host NFB’s BIM Champion awards event

Credit: National Federation of Builders
Credit: National Federation of Builders

Collaboration and teamwork are two vital necessities to ensure the smooth operation of a Building Information Modelling project. A man who knows the meaning of those two words perfectly when it comes to the football pitch is to host an awards ceremony celebrating the work of some ‘BIM Champions’.

Sir Geoff Hurst – the only man to ever score a hat-trick in a FIFA World Cup Final – will host a National Federation of Builders awards event on February 16th, 2015. The ceremony will honour the work of the 16 exemplar companies and 77 BIM Champions, all of whom took part in the respective BIM Exemplar and BIM Champion programmes.

Hurst was a part of the 1966 World Cup winning England football team, and the NFB see Hurst’s footballing success as a “great analogy as our industry strives to become globally competitive through the adoption of BIM”.

The event will be split into two sessions, with the afternoon half focusing on BIM discussion, with the latter portion featuring the award presentations. The afternoon forum will feature a keynote speech from the BIM Task Group‘s David Philp as well as six industry experts debating BIM-related topics, with the audience selecting the strongest case.

The evening portion of the symposium will be held at the House of Commons, and this is where Sir Geoff will be present.

Launched in June 2014, the NFB BIM Champions initiative strove to get professionals ready for 2016 by giving them the skills needed to “influence the strategic direction of the company in response to the challenge of BIM”.

Speaking about the BIM Champions scheme at launch, Karen Dawes, NFB Training Manager stated: “The NFB has played a significant role in supporting SME construction companies with BIM implementation since the Construction Strategy identified it as an enabler of efficiency and cost savings.

“Working with companies across a wide cross-section of the industry has enabled us to identify and develop programmes that offer real value to those participating. We expect demand for the BIM Champion programme to be high given the relevance and importance of BIM to the SME sector.”

Dawes was certainly ‘on the money’ with her comments, and February 16th is sure to be a fantastic, celebratory evening. For more information on the awards presentation, click here.

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