Rodgers Builders discuss their North Carolinian BIM college project

Credit: Davidson College
Credit: Davidson College

A new online article has examined the work of a North Carolinian contractor and their Building Information Modelling implementation on the new academic building of a college.

Rodgers Builders are currently constructing a new addition to Davidson College and according to Davidson News, BIM is aiding them “to visualize the design and collaborate as they construct the building from the ground up”.

In place of architectural drawings, on-site subcontractors are utilising iPads equipped with Autodesk BIM 360 Glue to access the comprehensive model at the touch of the screen.

“There will be zero hard copy plans on this job,” stated Brian King, Integrated Construction Manager at the US firm, who also discussed the importance of the information within the BIM model. He elaborated:

“The most valuable aspect of BIM is the ‘I,’ which is information. BIM is essentially just a database of information that grows as you proceed and as the parties involved put more and more information into it. The more information that gets to the builders in the field, the better equipped we are to construct the building efficiently.”

County Code Enforcement Director, Jim Bertl was very complimentary of the project. He said: “You spend more time building it virtually so you do things once, get them right, and they pass inspections the first time.

“I’ve worked on construction sites for many years, and finally see that same type of modernity in construction as in manufacturing. Architects and contractors and owners now have a tool to build things virtually before they do it for real. They can integrate all the players, with everyone working inside the model on how to deliver the product as early and error-free as possible.”

To read more on the Davidson College new-build, follow this link.

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