Report: Less than 1/4 of contractors selecting BIM-ready components

Credit: Durapipe
Credit: Durapipe

Despite Building Information Modelling being the term of everybody’s lips as the UK Government’s 2016 mandate is closer than ever, a new study has revealed that less than a quarter of contractors are selecting components with BIM information available.

Research conducted by pipework manufacturer Durapipe has shown that only 24% of their 500+ survey respondents use products with BIM, a worrying statistic indeed.

However, encouraging data was found from within the questionnaire results. 39% of those who took part stated that “they do occasionally use BIM models”, a figure that indicates industry are slowly-but-surely shifting to meet the Government’s mandatory future requirements. The problem is, that future is not so distant any longer.

Durapipe‚Äôs Building Services Brand Manager, Des Dolan commented on the study results, stating: “There has been so much noise about BIM over the last year or so, with all companies in the supply chain keen to outline their strategies and solutions, so we were very surprised to find out that the number of companies actually using BIM models is so small.

“The deadline for compliance is little over 12 months away so uptake needs to increase and fast; companies need to get to grips with BIM quickly and embrace the technology if they are to be competing for tenders this time next year.”

When the non-adopters are ready to embrace BIM, Durapipe have SuperFLO ABS pipework available in BIM format ready to insert into 3D models. Due to feedback from within the same survey, Durapipe have been able to identify which of their products the industry want available for their BIM software next.

Durapipe’s BIM components can be accessed from bimstore by clicking here.

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