Report: BIM providing “pivotal” advantages for interior designers

Credit: _space Architects
Credit: _space Architects

Building Information Modelling processes can provide a “bevy of benefits” for interior designers during the actual design process, that’s according to a new online article.

Sourceable have looked the impact operating within a BIM workflow can have on the interior designer role, stating that BIM is having “a transformative impact”.

“Like other software design paradigms, BIM software makes it far easier for interior designers to produce 3D models of pre-existing interior or exterior structures upon which to base their subsequent design work”, explains the report.

Other positives listed include BIM software’s ability to facilitate the creation of design models with heightened speed and efficiency and the fact that BIM applications are filled with a plethora of component and feature libraries that assist the designer due to them having instant access to pre-made content. Why remodel something when you have a similar version rich with information at your fingertips?

If you are an interior designer, the article details that you should seriously consider utilising BIM so you can “better coordinate the work and scheduling of a project’s disparate stakeholders and participants”.

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