Institute for BIM in Canada and Digicon conducting national BIM survey

Logo Credit: Institute for BIM in Canada
Logo Credit: Institute for BIM in Canada

One of Canada‘s premier driving forces promoting the benefits of Building Information Modelling has teamed with a top consulting company to issue a nationwide survey that will capture the current state of BIM adoption across the country.

The Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) has partnered with Digicon Information Inc. to conduct a survey that was inspired by NBS‘ national questionnaire that was extremely beneficial to industry groups in the United Kingdom.

According to the official press release, the survey is to scope how many companies are implementing BIM workflows within their businesses, and questions have been carefully worded so that it will be apparent who has adopted BIM, regardless of what software they are using. Although important to know what software is most popular, it is more vital not to make the questions Autodesk Revit-centric. What is important for the IBC is to focus on collaborative project team work.

David Watson, President of Edmonton-based Digicon said regarding the news: “People should get involved in the survey, because they will be able to see the results and how they are positioned in terms of their own competition within Canada, and also how they are positioned in terms of BIM adoption with companies in other countries.

“The NBS developed most of the guts of the survey and they invited organizations in other countries to participate and run surveys in their own countries for the purpose of benchmarking not just BIM internally, but also compared to other countries that are participating.

“The idea being that most of the questions have been aligned or paralleled and only slightly massaged to be of national relevance and can be compared internationally.”

Watson also hopes that the survey will enable Canada to understand what they need to do next to be able to compete with other countries who are performing better in relation to BIM: “We are doing poor domestically and there are a number of European countries that are far ahead of us, including England, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

“But, Canada is way behind and even the Americans are ahead of us. Adopting BIM processes does have a learning curve and therefore has an overhead or an expense to get into it.”

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Companies wishing to contribute to the survey can do so until March 15th, 2015.

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