Evolve Consultancy ask: “Is Level 2 BIM Possible?”

Credit: Evolve
Credit: Evolve

Is Level 2 BIM even possible? That is the question posed by a UK-based Building Information Modelling consultancy.

Evolve Consultancy have tackled the controversial interrogative in reference to comments made by Mervyn Richards, who was awarded an OBE for services to BIM and the construction industry in 2013. Richards, who is the Director of MR1 Consulting, said that “Level 2 BIM isn’t possible” at the BSI BIM Conference in late 2014, comments that got Evolve thinking.

“Level 2 BIM is defined in Mervyn Richards and Mark Bew’s BIM wedge to help describe BIM adoption maturity,” states the Evolve article. “The one thing that is therefore obvious is Level 2 BIM adoption is a graduated process, not a sudden step up.”

“But not being possible…? I suspect that has more to do with your own perspective and requirements than it does such a black and white definition of Level 2 BIM some would have you believe.”

Evolve disagree with Richards’ shocking declaration, and they think that Level 2 BIM being perhaps impossible is not the question industry should be asking. Evolve see Level 2 BIM having a clear minimum requirement and the upper-end of Level 2, not the concept of Level 2, is ambiguous.

“There are further increasing aspects of its implementation, continuing up to the (not yet possible or even defined) Level 3. That means, by its own definition, Level 2 BIM has a simpler minimum requirement at the lower end, and a more complex upper end.

“The reality of Level 2 BIM: its possibility hinges not on the “spirit of Level 2 BIM”, not on the completeness of the UK Task Group’s work which will place you higher along the maturity wedge, but the careful definition, documentation, management and extent of Level 2 BIM on each individual project.

“Level 2 BIM was possible with PAS1192-2, it is possible with PAS1192-3 and -4 and will be with Part 5, albeit in a more mature form. The world moves on and the only constant is change.”

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