Constructing Excellence Awards “keen to recognise BIM”

Credit: Constructing Excellence
Credit: Constructing Excellence

The Constructing Excellence Awards 2015 are to commemorate the efforts of those implementing Building Information Modelling in the UK, and the Chief Executive of CE‘s North East wing has urged businesses to put themselves forward.

Speaking to Business Quarter, Catriona Lingwood discussed the new ‘BIM Project of the Year’ award added to the programme.

“Our awards celebrate everything the North East construction has achieved over the past 12 months and to reflect that, this year we are introducing a new award which will focus on the use of BIM technology in projects.

“We are keen to recognise those who are taking a leap into new markets to make their projects as successful as they can possibly be – whether that be an SME or larger organisation.”

Regional Constructing Excellence Award heats are to take place later in the year, with the North East awards being held on May 8th before the national finals. Of course, a ‘BIM Project of the Year’ will be chosen from each of the 8 regional rounds before moving on to compete with one another on the nationwide platform.

The deadline to enter the Constructing Excellence in the North East 2015 Awards is this Friday, February 20th, 2015.

For more information, read the original article here, and visit the Constructing Excellence website.